K-9_topology: HYBRID FAMILY 






( ... and re-establishing of home)







Thus, we can give a new and very different meaning to HOMO HOMINI
LUPUS: “Man to Man is—or at least should be—a kind Wolf.”


— Wolfgang M. Schleidt/Michael D. Shalter; Co-evolution of
Humans and Canids - Evolution and Cognition, 2003, Vol. 9, No. 1








Global economy treatens to homogenize people by way of the lowest common denominator (the ability to consume) and level all differences. I feel to resist those levels of existence by using my own economy of emotions. Therefore I am submitting myself into the dog-human kinship relationship as a radical intimate action of “returning home”. The biopolitical statement of the project is about becoming-animal during a process through which I transcendent myself into a surrogate mother of the dog. Becoming-she-dog. I have been executing a performance within which I nurtured a puppy, after submitting myself under a two and a three months of physiological training (external physical treatments, diet and psychological preparations) that has been sending specific informations from amygdala to my anterior pituitary glands in order to release the hormone prolactin which will stimulate milk production in my breasts, executing the same strategy as future mothers to be, that are about to adopt a still nursing baby. I have been dwelling in an empty apartment mid October 2015 until end January 2016 and have been, during writing this blog, enjoying the company of my dog Lord Byron, daily (every three hours) executing mechanical breastpump, properly hydrating, consuming food that contains iron and decorating the space to transform it into a home – a lair for myself and my new puppy, which I breastfed publicly as a performance.




Produced by: Kapelica Gallery / Kersnikova Institute, Praksa Institute (Ljubljana, SI) // Co-produced by: Freies Museum Berlin (DE) // Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture // Co-curators: Jens Hauser (DE/FR), Jurij Krpan (SI) // Production team: Sandra Sajovic (SI), Katarina Hergouth (SI), Jana Putrle Srdić (SI), Darius Bork (DE) // Artistic collaborator: Manuel Vason (IT/UK) // Artist's consultant: Vid Simoniti // Expert collaborators: dr. Primož Debevec (SI), Miloš Vujković (RS), Gia Gruden (SI)






Performance space at the apartment in Berlin, Germany (23rd October 2015)












P O S T  N o .  1 :  H I S T O R Y  O F  T E A R S




J E N S  H A U S E R  o n  H I S T O R Y  O F  T E A R S




P O S T  N o . 2 :  I N V O L U T I O N  o f  ( m ) O t h e r 




J E N S  H A U S E R  o n  I N V O L U T I O N  o f  ( m ) O t h e r




P O S T  n o . 3 : B I R T H  O F  T H E  K E N N E L




J E N S  H A U S E R  O N  B I R T H  O F  T H E  K E N N E L




P O S T  N o . 4 :  S U R V I V A L  A R T 




P O S T  N o .  5 :  R E Q U I E M  F O R  T H E  F U T U R E