History of the Future (2012)



“History of the Future” takes us on a temporal journey through the cinematic archive of international science-fiction production, organised as a multi-media presentation of content-based clusters of representations of possible realities of the future and the present, which follow chronologically from 1895 until 2009, and they appear on a time line in the future, which ends in the year of 802,701. The interactive infrastructure of the multi-media installation offers the user a selection of contents, within which the author presents the socio-political contexts that shaped the zeitgeist of each historical period in which the selected films were made. The presentation transpires in the form of a video lecture and in the style of philoscifi (= the philosophy of science fiction). Through the topics of sociological and media structure of popular culture, the author in this project explores the anthropology of fear as it relates to the changes in the perception of nature, technology and, consequently, social psychodynamics through the phenomenology of the perception of time, which she offers to the viewer as a presentation of the juxtaposition of linearity and laterality.















Concept and execution: Maja Smrekar
Programming, graphic and sound design: Luka Marčetič
Poster design: Oliver Marčetič
Installation design: Maja Smrekar and Andrej Strehovec
Photographer: Borut Peterlin
Technical planning: Andrej Strehovec
Technical realization: RPS d.o.o.
Camera: Matjaž Mrak
Thanks: Louis Barçon, Rok Čančer, Ida Hiršenfelder, Tatjana Suhadolnik
Production: Aksioma Institute