Ion Flux  (2010)




As a first level of the project we are developing a multielectrode array biochip which will electrically stimulate neuron cells and »read« those signals at the output of the biochip. The long term idea is to achieve learning process of the neurons by stimulating them to make neural networks, hence to develop memory. That process would train the robot through developed algorithm to become the emancipated entity whose behaviour would depend on the learning process of the cells.






Concept: Maja Smrekar
Biochip developers: Erik Margan, PhD; Srečo Maček, Phd
Programming: Tadej Fius
In collaboration with:
dr. Damijan Miklvačič, dr. Gorazd Pucihar, dr. Alenka Maček – Lebar/ University of Ljubljana/

Faculty of Electrical Engineering/Laboratory for Biocybernetics
Production: Aksioma Institute